"…If the following formula is chanted thirteen times, Lilith is supposed to appear.
‘marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah’
During contact with the Lilith Qlipha an asbtract idea or a strong emotional impulse might be received. In other instances, the magician might encounter the demon ruler of the Qlipha or enter the Qliphotic tunnels.
The Lilith Qlipha is ruled by a demoness named Naamah. She has been called the daughter or younger sister of Lilith. In visions she appears as a mighty queen dressed in precious garments and jewels. Sometimes she is seductive, but other times she might have a tyrannical character. When the magician wants to channel the force of the Qlipha, Naamah is called upon. This force is mainly used in rituals regarding the influence and control of the material level. Lilith is the dark side of the Shekinah, and she corresponds to the Gnostic Sophia and the Tantric Shakti. The Shekinah, Sophia and Shakti, are the wisdom and force that are concealed in the material plane. When she awakens, this dark and hidden goddess can bring man to the divine level. In myths this goddess is compared to a serpent and corresponds to the terrible primordial force that existed at the beginning of time before the male god of light created the world. She is Leviathan or Tiamat: the ancient chaos that exited before the cosmos was created. In the Tantric tradition, Lilith appears as the goddess Kali. Kali is the wild red force that dances in ecstasy and destroys with one hand and creates with the other. She is both the poison that brings sleep and, at the same time, wisdom that can awaken. Kali corresponds to the latent volcano that broods in man and is called the Kundalini, which is often likened to a serpent or dragon. In Tantric terminology, Lilith corresponds to the backside or inside of the Muladhara Chakra. Muladhara is the energy zone that is located between the anus and genitals, which is where the sleeping dragon (Kundalini) rests. One way to contact Lilith is to meditate on the Muladhara Chakra. The Muladhara is compared to a red lotus, and the magician should meditate on the backside of the lotus in this case. Here the first Qliphotic cave can be found in which the Dragon rests before its awakening."

Thomas Karlsson’s

Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic,

page 117-118.

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